9 September 2009

Laser Applications of Adaptive Optics

  • Sector: Photonics
  • Location: Lecture Theatre, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh
  • Attendees: All Welcome

Current and future large astronomical telescopes will rely significantly on the use of ‘Adaptive optics’ (AO) techniques and systems to achieve their demanding objectives. AO systems comprise of a number of highly interlinked sub-systems and are attaining the required technological maturity for industry to take advantage of.

Laser scientists generally introduce an adaptive-optics system between the laser-amplification chain and the focusing optics to compensate for the optical aberrations introduced during amplification. The focused spot thus takes on an almost perfect shape and the optical power density on the target improves significantly. For example, in wavefront correction for laser beam spot intensity, wavefront modulators are critical components which require high speed, high resolution in a highly reliable system. With the improving performance of techniques, once limited by the speed of the real-time processor and standard commercial computers, a real advance in astronomical science using these maturing technologies is being achieved.

The proposed brokering meeting in conjunction with the Photonics KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network) will aim to bring together relevant technology developers from the STFC, ESO (European Southern Observatory) funded research communities and members of a broad industrial community as users/integrators. The technology has matured and new applications have emerged in free-space communication, ophthalmology, bio-imaging and, of course, high-intensity laser systems. The key objective is to include talks centred on emerging areas of laser applications in the biomedical, industrial and security & defence sectors with a vision for collaborative projects.

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