19-21 November 2009

EXPOlaser 2009

  • Sector: Exhibition
  • Location: Piacenzaexpo: Loc. Le Mose - S.S. 10 ? Piacenza - ITALY
  • Attendees: All welcome





Piacenza exhibition centre, just outside Milan, Italy, will host EXPOlaser again. Thanks to successful results of previous exhibitions, the show is the Italian National reference event dedicated to industrial applications of laser technology.

200 exhibitors and represented firms attended EXPOlaser 2007, with more than 6500 professional visitors coming from Italy and abroad (Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland).

Organized by PubliTec and Piacenza Expo, EXPOlaser 2009 will be a unique business opportunity to meet producers and distributors of systems, solutions, sources and equipment for laser applications in industry.

The EXPOlaser 2009 exhibition will be the only Italian exhibition able to offer a complete view on processing, production and control systems based on laser applications, next to the widest product sectors proposal of specialized components.

The exhibition will be also complemented by a rich and qualified programme of conferences and seminars.

The trade exhibition on laser technology in industry applications is also organized by PubliTec and PiacenzaExpo.  Details are available from the EXPOlaser 2009 website.

For further information, please contact: 

Loc. Le Mose – S.S. 10
29100 Piacenza
Tel. 0523-602711; Fax 0523-602702

Rivista Applicazioni Laser
Via Passo Pordoi 10 – 20139 Milano
Tel. 02-535781; Fax 02-56814579


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