25 February 2021

SHARK Digital Demonstration Day

  • Sector: Surface Engineering
  • Location: Online
  • Attendees: All welcome



About this Event


11 consortium partners across Europe came together 3 years ago with one mission, this was to industrialise laser functional texturing. This launches the Shark Project.

For the duration of the SHARK project, the consortium went through technological development and enhancement for each surface design cycle element to reduce design and processing barriers for functional surfaces to realise the mission. The project has achieved tremendous success to date and has managed to demonstrate significant functionality performance on the case studies investigated.

This webinar will demonstrate the technological development achieved during the SHARK project, as well as the journey and achievement of the end-users in their pathway to industrialising laser functional texturing for their specific industry.

If you are curious about surface engineering, laser processing and the industrialisation journey of functional surfaces in real industrial applications, why not join us for an exploration journey on the 25th of February 2021. The webinar will be showcasing the technological advancement and the industrialisation journey to unveil the mystery of surface engineering.

Webinar Aims:

  • Introduce the technological advancement in laser surface texturing for functionality
  • Share the experience of industrialising functional laser surface texturing in industrial applications
  • Increase the awareness of surface engineering and the design cycle involved

Who should Attend?

  • Any company that is keen to explore how surface engineering can enhance their products or manufacturing process
  • Any company that uses coating technology to achieve functionality
  • Any company who would like to explore alternative technology that is non-coating based

How to Access the Event:


Due to Covid restrictions, this workshop will be hosted virtually using the Zoom platform. Delegates will automatically receive the joining instructions a week before the event.

We recommend installing the Zoom platform on to your device prior to the event as the app offers a better user experience with added functionality. You can do this by visiting

The SHARK project is supported by funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for research and innovation under grant agreement no 768701.

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