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Presentations are available for the following meetings:

14 Oct 2015   Job Shop 2015 - Second Operations
22 Sep 2015   Successful industrial welding techniques and applications with laser and electron beam
18 Mar 2015   ILAS2015 Day 2 - Welding, LASHARE Review, Funding Opportunities, Micro & Nano Processing, Surface marking & Functionality
17 Mar 2015   ILAS2015 Day 1 - Additive Manufacturing, Cladding & Hardening, Sources, Beam Delivery & System Integration, Macro Cutting & Drilling, Precision Fabrication, Surface Marking & Fuctionality
10 Dec 2014   Laser solutions to today's manufacturing challenges: Successful applications using cutting, drilling, marking, engraving and surface texturing
16 Oct 2014   Job Shop 2014
17 Sep 2014   Laser processing for micro and nano-scale manufacturing:
technology and application advances
8 July 2014   Innovations for economic growth:
The UK uptake of Laser Materials Processing
1 April 2014   Metal Additive Manufacturing:
Opportunities in applications and improvements in process technology
3 Dec 2013   Power beam delivery and manipulation: achieving high flexibility and productivity with lasers
17 Oct 2013   JOB Shop 13 - Opportunities with new technology
24 Sep 2013   Role of lasers in composite manufacture and processing
13 Mar 2013   ILAS 2013 Day 2 - Additive Manufacture; Cladding & Hardening; Precision Fabrication; Micromachining (3 & 4); ECOLASERFACT; Business Forums
12 Mar 2013   ILAS2013 Day 1 - Welding; Laser Sources and Systems; Cutting and Drilling; Micromachining (1 & 2); Surface Modification
7 Nov 2012   Latest advances in laser processing for micro and nano-scale manufacturing
16 May 2012   Innovations in manufacturing: Leading-edge laser materials processing applications
29 Mar 2012   Lasers lead the way in additive manufacturing
13 Sep 2011   Ultra Precision Laser Manufacturing Systems, technologies and Applications
11 Oct 2011   Jobshop 11: How to make the best of the economic recovery
5 Oct 2011   Industrial laser safety responsibilites and requirements
18 Aug 2011   Product and Process Innovation (PPI) Special Interest Group meeting
16 Mar 2011   ILAS 2011 Day 2 - Micro-Joining; Surface Modification: Macro-Welding
15 Mar 2011   ILAS 2011 Day 1 - Sources and Systems; Beam Modification: Additive Manufacture; Cutting and Drilling
16 Nov 2010   Job Shop 10 : Are you ready for the challenge?
6 Oct 2010   Advanced Micro-Manufacturing with Lasers
19 May 2010  

Tools for the 21st Centruy: Recent developments in loaser sources and systems for manufacturing

16 Mar 2010  

The Route to Mass Adoption of Additive Manufacture in Metal Component Fabrication

24 Nov 2009  

Medical Device Manufacture - Fine cutting / Precision Manufacturing

28 Oct 2009   Laser Job Shop '09 - Surviving the recession
See the West Midlands Manufacturing Advisory Service video "SC21 - The journey so far" (requires Flash)
22 Sep 2009   Meeting future manufacturing needs with laser-materials innovations at the micro- and nano level
8 Jul 2009   Industrial Laser Applications Symposium (ILAS) 2009 - Day 2
7 Jul 2009   Industrial Laser Applications Symposium (ILAS) 2009 - Day 1
26 Mar 2009   Additive layer manufacturing: laser techniques and opportunities
3 Dec 2008   Laser processing of polymer, metal and ceramic composites
12 Nov 2008   Job Shop 08
16 Oct 2008   Industrial innovation with lasers in the medical sector
4 Jun 2008   Industrial opportunities in laser micro and nano processing
20 Feb 2008   Welding and Cutting with Fibre Delivered Laser Beams


































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