28 January 2014

Laser Machine - Cost of ownership

Companies who regularly cut sheet steel up to 6mm are likely to be paying too much for their laser cutting. This could be true regardless of using your own laser or outsourcing.

CTR Lasers, more known for their small to medium size machines, have been working for 3 years on perfecting sheet metal cutting in the most cost effective way. This has led to collaboration between CTR and world renowned Microstep to bring an extensive range of Fiber, CO2, plasma, waterjet and oxyfuel machines to the UK market.

Focusing on Fibers, it is likely that a large number of companies requiring laser cut sheet only need 500w of laser power. This is capable of excellent results in mild steel up to 4mm, good results to 6mm and even 8mm can be cut.

Most significant advantages:

  • Higher plug efficiency than other CNC cutting processes for similar productivity.
  • Significantly smaller factory space required.
  • No water chilling needed.
  • No laser gas required, therefor no turbo required (one of the most highly stressed and costly items to replace on flow-gas lasers).
  • No flying optics and optical paths to maintain.
  • Less Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).

The disadvantage:

  • Slower cutting speeds compared to higher power lasers, which are also available from CTR.

CTR’s MD Neil Pritchett told us this week ‘I am pleased to announce that CTR are offering very keen deals for Fiber laser machine orders placed with us during the first quarter this year.’ He went on to say ‘This is specifically aimed at SME’s to help them maintain growth and return manufacturing to the UK’.

Standard machines are available in bed sizes up to 3m x 6m (optional to 12m and multi-process heads and technologies available in a single machine). Look at for the full range or for Fiber lasers.

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