20 January 2021

Exactly positioned - Aerotech's high-precision, air-bearing rotary axes

Aerotech, manufacturer of high-performance motion control and positioning systems, introduces the ABRX High-Performance Air-Bearing Stages, a new generation of air-bearing rotary tables. To meet maximum payload and form factor requirements for use as a single-axis positioner, as part of an integrated system or even an integrated machine, various ABRX rotary axes are available in diameters of 100, 150 and 250 mm. This makes them particularly suitable for exacting requirements in wafer inspection, high-precision metrology, optical inspection and manufacturing, and MEMS/nanotechnology device production.

"The market demands increasingly stringent performance specifications, and so far, there are very few solutions available that can meet extreme accuracy requirements," said Simon Smith, European Director of Aerotech. Either the precision of, for example, mechanically mounted rotary tables is not sufficient, or the available solutions are very expensive and determined by a large form factor, which in turn makes it difficult to integrate them into multi-axis movement platforms or machines. "We now support users from a wide range of industries who require the highest degree of precision with our newly developed air-bearing ABRX rotary axes. The large air bearing surfaces provide significantly better running accuracy than a mechanical or other commonly available air-bearing turntables. The implied benefit being most evident in applications that require exceptional flatness of movement. Also in terms of angular accuracy, load capacity and off-axis error movements, with ABRX, we surpass the specifications of even the best of the rest available on the market to date."

The ABRX series is particularly suitable for high-precision test and inspection systems and surface measurement applications, including the measurement of roundness, flatness, form errors or other measured variables of profilometry. The rotary tables are also used in the field of medical technology, for example in X-ray or CT inspection applications or generally in precision manufacturing systems.

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