20 January 2021

The MTC announces laser-based funding opportunity for SMEs

A funding opportunity for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has arisen through the MTC's partnership with other European institutions on the EU Horizon 2020 PULSATE project.

Laser-based advanced and additive manufacturing (LBAAM) technologies play an important role in furthering digital production and offer important advantages to the companies that adopt them. However, barriers such as high investment costs, complex technology, system integration, and awareness hinder their adoption by SMEs.

The EU-funded PULSATE project intends to mitigate these barriers to boost the adoption of LBAAM technologies by SMEs and promote the development of SME-friendly laser-based equipment and solutions. To achieve this, it will set up a Europe-wide network to encourage SME participation in LBAAM innovation. It will therefore connect digital innovation hubs to support a structure designed to tackle the issues currently hindering LBAAM technology adoption. The project’s work will help to increase the competitiveness of European SMEs.

SMEs and slightly bigger companies acting as technology providers and end-users can partner up and get the PULSATE support to test the laser-based technologies in production environments. 10 selected experiments will get benefits such as:

● Technical support from industry experts
● Business development support
● Up to USD150k funding per experiment
● Media exposure
● Access to private and public funding

The OpenCall will be launched on 8th February 2021 - get more information here

Sign up for the 1st Webinar on 12th February at 3pm CEST to get more details:


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