10 February 2021

NUBURU strengthens blue laser portfolio with seven new patents across 3D printing and material processing

NUBURU recently announced that it has been awarded seven new patents across 3D printing and material processing. These latest patents range from “Material Processing with Visible Raman Laser”, to the technology required to build these unique single mode visible lasers. NUBURU has also received several notices of allowances inclusive of the technology and the application of blue lasers to material processing and 3D printing.

“NUBURU’s IP portfolio is broad and deep,” said Dr. Guy Gilliland, CEO of NUBURU. “Industry analysts and organisations have recognised the strength of our technology and its IP portfolio.”

NUBURU’s blue lasers provide unprecedented speed and quality control for metal processing operations, such as welding and additive manufacturing in a variety of growing industries like e-mobility and automotive, where materials such as copper, stainless steel and aluminum are increasingly critical. Previous technologies are inflexible, slow and produce poor-quality metal joints, but NUBURU’s industrial blue lasers leverage a fundamental physical advantage to produce defect-free welds up to four times faster than the traditional approaches — all with the flexibility inherent to laser processing.   

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