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Young UK Laser Engineer's Prize

This award is designed to help encourage young people in the UK to develop their interests in laser applications. The prize is awarded to an individual for a significant piece of work, conducted in the UK, which has led to real or potential economic gain for the parent organisation and that preferably has wider benefit for the industrial laser use community.


  • 2019 - Mariastefania De Vido
  • 2017 - Ross Unthank
    2017 - Ross Unthank
    Ross Unthank of Graham Engineering was awarded the Young Engineer's Award for commitment to developing his welding skills and for his considerable contribution to two major projects.
  • 2015 - Matt Spinks
    2015 - Matt Spinks
    Matt Spinks (TWI) won this award for his contribution to the successful application of a remote laser cutting process for reducing the cost of decommissioning radioactive metal skips for the nuclear industry.
  • 2013 - Sam Lester
    2013 - Sam Lester
    The 2013 AILU Young Laser Engineer's Prize 2013 was won by Sam Lester in recognition of his successful development of laser cladding to increase the service life of critical components in the manufacture of steel.
  • 2011 - Nobert Lorenz
    2011 - Nobert Lorenz
    The 2011 winner of AILU's Young UK Engineer's Prize is Norbert Lorenz, a graduate of the University of Applied Science in Emden (Germany) who is studying within the Applied Optics and Photonics Group at Heriot-Watt University towards a PhD on the theme of ?Laser-based Packaging of Microdevices?.
  • 2010 - Jonathan Blackburn
    2010 - Jonathan Blackburn
    Jonathan Blackburn takes the 2010 AILU Young Engineer's Prize for his work on the development of SurfiSculpt®, a process patented by TWI for processes involving power beams.
  • 2009 - Wes Brooks & Phil Harris 2009 - Wes Brooks & Phil Harris
    2009 - Wes Brooks & Phil Harris
    Usually won by a single individual, the 2009 Prize is shared by two members of a team working to integrate a laser and beam delivery optics supplied by thinklaser into a new MTT Technology Selective Laser Melting (SLM) machine. The team was formed as a partnership between the two companies and the Prize winners are Philip Harris (thinklaser) and Wes Brooks (seconded to the MTT team from Liverpool University).
  • 2008 - Fraser Dear
    2008 - Fraser Dear
    Fraser Dear is AILU's 2008 Young Laser Engineer in recognition of his successful development of fine laser machining techniques in zirconia for the manufacture of tooth crowns and bridges for dental restorations.
  • 2007 - Phil Carroll
    2007 - Phil Carroll
    Phil Carroll wins AILU's 2007 Young UK Laser Engineer's Prize. Dr Phil Carroll is AILU's 2007 Young Laser Engineer in recognition of his successful development of a Direct Metal Laser Deposition (DMLD) technique for the repair of an abradable seal between rotating turbine blade seal fins and the engine casing.
  • 2006 - Nicholas King
    2006 - Nicholas King
    Nicholas King, a young engineer working with Microkerf, the Leicester based laser job shop specialising in precision welding, cutting and drilling has won the 2006 Young Laser Engineers' Prize for his development of software to drive a dedicated pulsed Nd:YAG alignment and laser cutting system.
  • 2005 - Stuart Edwardson
    2005 - Stuart Edwardson
    Stuart was awarded the prize for his work on laser forming during his PhD and subsequent post-doctoral work at the laser group within the University of Liverpool, with support from BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce.
  • 2004 - Adrian Orchard
    2004 - Adrian Orchard
    The Prize was awarded to Adrian in recognition of his outstanding work in the application of laser welding to the fabrication of heat exchangers
  • 2003 - Damian Adams
    2003 - Damian Adams
    The prize was awarded for his role as project manager for the specification, tender, installation and commissioning of a 5-axis laser profiling machine cutting titanium and aerospace alloys at BAE SYSTEMS, Samlesbury
  • 2002 - Emma Johnston
    2002 - Emma Johnston
    Emma Johnston was presented with her Prize by John Bishop (left) and AILU President Bill Steen, who was Emma's PhD supervisor Liverpool University

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